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Why Pinterest?

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, Pinterest garners an audience who is much more motivated to purchase products or services than just give them a like. By using Pinterest to expand your brand reach, you are not just targeting your niche when you pin, but you also have unlimited potential to reach future clients and customers for years to come as your pins circulate through the Pinterest community.  

Successful Restaurant Owner

Expand Your Brand

With alluring and attractive Pin Designs, dedicated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords, and opportunities to link back to your website, product, or service, you are not just creating a Pinterest account, you are creating an opportunity for phenomenal brand growth and awareness that continues to add value to your business for years to come!

Herb Garden Pin Design PVA Challenge.png
Pin Desigs

Pin Designs

Pinterest offers multiple pin options to help you showcase your products, services, and promotions with ease. Drive traffic to your brand by learning about the pin options below.

Static Pins

Perfect to drive traffic to your site, product or service!

Video Pins

Impressive engagement builders & traffic drivers!

Idea Pins

Tell your company's story through pictures, video and audio with 
immersive carousels! 

Tools For Success

Tools for Success

There are trusted tools I am passionate about that keep your Pinterest Account professional, clean, and effective! Some packages I offer may come with a requirement to have a subscription. Learn more about these wonderful tools below!


A powerful scheduling tool and official Pinterest Partner specializing in
content marketing 

Schedule your pins at the best possible times

Helps get your content in front of the right audiences through Tailwind Communities 

Provides super helpful analytics

Some services may require a Tailwind subscription


Used to create stunning
and engaging Pins that reflect your brands style and logo 

Creation of templates to 
complement the needs and goals of your Pins

 Seamlessly keep all of your brand's content coheasive through organization and brand kit optimization 

Some services include Canva 

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