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Website My Story Page.png


And you want to achieve your goals without sacrificing more of your precious time. You know who your target audience is, but you struggle to find them...and you are desperate to get off the hamster wheel of consistently promoting your content with little results.

  • You don't know how to increase your traffic

  • You are frustrated with the lack of engagement on your content

  • You are overwhelmed with trying to keep up with algorithm changes

If any of that sounds like you, you're in the right place!  My name is Barbara Silverstrim, and I help bloggers like you, to increase your traffic and grow your subscribers with Pinterest (without sacrificing your time).


I want to help you capture your audience! Let's get started!


Hi, I'm Barbara!

And I've been in your shoes.

On a Tuesday back in May 2021, I was sitting in my windowless cubicle under fluorescent lights, finishing up financial reports that I dreaded doing every month.

And I started to panic and felt the stress in my chest.

Website My Story Page.png

OMG, I can't do this for the rest of my life!!! I'm 36 years old! Is this really what I'm meant to do the rest of my life?  Is this why I went to college and got a corporate job??? So I could be burnt out doing a job that was slowly killing my life's passions?

I felt trapped.  I wanted to serve others.  I wanted time and financial freedom.  I wanted flexibility.

But most of all I wanted to make a bigger impact.  To do something that I was passionate about.  Each day that passed, I felt more and more panicked that I was wasting my life away.  Thinking is this really what my life's purpose is? I went to college, had a few corporate jobs over the last 15 years, made money for others, and had a limited earning potential.  None of the accounting work excited me.  It didn't make me wanna jump out of bed in the morning.  I didn't feel passionate.  I wasn't making an impact on the world.

What happens when you realize you're destined for more?  

At first I felt guilty.  I had a good job and made decent money.  I felt like I should be grateful for what I had, because there are so many others who are less fortunate.  But, I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was meant to do and be more.  Over the last few years I was continuously feeling pulled and called to serve others.  Several times I ignored it. Until one day...I could no longer ignore it!

So I decided to quit my corporate job and I became a Pinterest Manager.

It was at this point that I was ready to take control of my life, focus on my passion for Pinterest, serve bloggers, gain time freedom, and continue my journey to financial freedom.  All while being able to live and breathe Pinterest daily.  I have dedicated myself to one platform, which I have been using in my life since 2012.

Pinterest is a pivotal resource for bloggers!

Together we will use the power of the Pinterest search engine to attract your target audience which will not only expand and grow your traffic, and will also help you reach your monetization goals.  And you will have unlimited potential to reach future subscribers for months and even years to come as your pins circulate through the Pinterest platform.

Ready to get started?

Fun Facts About Me!

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